Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What You Need to Know When Buying a Used Car

It is time for you to make an important decision. Where you should buy and what you should buy as your first used car. This can be a hit or a miss, it is sort of like a blind date. The exception is that being suckered into buying a bad used car can be prevented with a few easy steps.

As with every large purchase you make, you should always DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You should never walk into any dealership without an idea of what you want. Window shopping in a dealership seems like a good idea, but car dealers are vicious predators. Okay that’s a little over the top, but they are trained to be convincing. Basically most dealers, if not all, are trained to find your weakness and have you buy a car that may not even be something you really want.

Like with most stores, dealership usually have an online inventory. Find a few models you are interested in and then look up information on them. You should look for reliability and other owner’s experience with the model. When you have done your research then you can come to the dealership. Have a list, mental so not to agitate them, and make sure you keep to it.

Inspecting the Vehicle

It is always beneficial if you know something about cars. However, you don’t need to know about cars. There are a couple things you should note though. The condition of the side of the front fender, for example. Basically you need to check for anything that could and does indicate some sort of frame damage.

Brake fluid should appear clear or slightly yellow. However used cars usually vary from a light golden brown to dark brown/black color. Depending on the color depends if you need to bleed your brakes. Which can cost a bit, this should help determine the price if you see it as an investment. The coolant should be clear. Oil should always be checked, if it looks thick with like a slushy texture don’t buy the car. In fact go to another dealership.

Buying a used car is a trial and should not be underestimated. This is an important decision that requires a lot of time to research. If you aren’t willing to do any of the steps above, chances are you shouldn’t buy a used car. Visit http://gmtautowest.com and click value my trade in for more info.

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